Pros and Cons of Dog-Friendly Workspaces

Pros and Cons of Dog-Friendly Workspaces

The office environment is ever evolving. From workers spending most of their work week from home to others opting for hybrid workplaces, the office doesn’t look like it once did. And furry friends in the workspace? Now, that’s no longer off the table.

As employees continue to search for work environments that best suit their needs and schedules, and business owners look to accommodate them, dog-friendly workplaces have grown in popularity. There are a number of advantages to opting for a dog-friendly office, but are there any downsides?

To help you navigate how to become a pet-friendly office, the pros and cons of accommodating pets, and sharing the best pet-friendly offices in Chicago, we are breaking it all down below

Pros of Dog-Friendly Workspaces

There’s a range of different benefits to opting for pet-friendly workplaces, but are the pros beneficial to your company? Let’s find out!

1. Pets Reduce Stress and Help with Relaxation

Dog-friendly offices can do a great deal to reduce stress and promote relaxation in the workplace. Statistics have revealed that overall employee satisfaction is increased when pets are allowed, allowing them to have trusted friends with them throughout the stressful workday.

2. Financial Benefits for Dog-Friendly Offices

dog friendly workplaces

Companies with dog-friendly coworking space serve as a major financial perk to current and potential employees. The cost of doggy daycare or dog walking can be expensive, and can often be a reason employees don’t want to come into the workplace. Thankfully, with pet-friendly offices, you can allow employees to bring their pets so they no longer need to rush home.

3. Pet-Friendly Companies Boost Customer Perception

A pet-friendly office policy isn’t just beneficial to staff, but to clients, too. Pets in the office can help reduce stress in clients and customers that enter your office and provide your company with a progressive, innovative image.

4. Dog-Friendly Workspaces as a Recruiting Tool

Pet-friendly companies have been found to show a higher chance of recruiting and retaining long-term employees versus those that don’t have this perk. This benefit allows employees to work longer hours without running back to their pets, making their work lives easier.

Cons of Dog-Friendly Offices

While there are many benefits to opting for a pet-friendly office, there are some considerations to keep in mind before committing to this perk.

1. Pets Can Distract Coworkers

Though pets can serve as a motivator, they can also be a distraction. For some owners and other coworkers, having a pet whining, barking, or frequently wanting to play can be distracting, leading to more off-task interactions.

2. Allergies and Phobias

pet friendly offices

It’s important that all workers are comfortable, and for those with allergies or phobias, a pet-friendly office isn’t ideal. Dealing with allergies or fear of someone’s past can make some even less productive in the office. To deal with this, you can designate no pet zones.

3. Possible Property Damages

There isn’t a whole lot of pet-friendly furniture, but it’s not just your chairs that may see the damage. When it comes to allowing pets in the office, everything from your rugs, to the sides of tables, and more may experience damage due to pets.

4. Legal and Insurance Issues

Likely one of the top concerns for pet-friendly workplaces is legal and insurance issues. Animal behaviors can be unpredictable, and in an environment that’s foreign to the pet, like the office, they may interact differently with people. This can lead the pet to feel nervous, overly excited, or sometimes aggressive.

While these behaviors don’t have to be extreme, they can lead to some legal and insurance concerns in the case that they do. Discuss all potential possibilities with an attorney and insurance company to prepare.

What to Consider Before Taking Your Dog to the Office

Pet-friendly office space will be appealing to many employees. But what should be considered before welcoming pets to the office? Let’s break it down.

Create a safe environment at your desk.

Before bringing your pet to the office, be sure to have your desk equipped with their best blankets, toys, food, and water bowls so they feel comfortable upon their first visit.

Introduce your dog to other pets outside.

You would think you can do all the pet interactions within the office, but this is often not the best route. Instead, before bringing a new pet into the office, allow all the pets to meet in a neutral space outside. Reinforce their interactions and provide treats as you see fit, allowing them to step outside any territorial areas within the office to avoid immediate conflicts.

Set alarms for exercise and bathroom breaks.

While you spend the day busy with work, it’s important to take breaks for your dog’s sake. To help with this, set alarms to take your dog out for a walk or potty break, ensuring they feel the love and attention they need so they don’t become a distraction later.

620 N LaSalle offers dog-friendly workplaces to suit your company’s needs. Curious about what this looks like? Explore our options online today.

How to Become a Pet-Friendly Office

pet friendly office

Want to create a pet-friendly office?

When it comes to offering dog-friendly offices, this is something you must discuss as part of your lease. Some buildings may not allow pets, but in a pet-friendly building, you can discuss this agreement with building management prior to signing. Thankfully, 620 N LaSalle is a pet-friendly office and has all the necessary agreements with the owner of the building.

Should Office Space Have a Pet Policy

Having a pet-friendly office space is a wonderful way to keep your employees satisfied, but there are some considerations. For this reason, having a pet policy is a must. A pet-friendly office policy can include the types of pets allowed, how often they are permitted to come in, and how they are to be contained. Additionally, you can create rules around placing animals on probation if their behavior isn’t right for the environment.


From reducing employee stress to enhancing staff retention, there are many benefits, and considerations, when debating pet-friendly offices. So, is the choice right for you?

If you’re ready to explore pet-friendly offices in Chicago, 620 N LaSalle has you covered. With a range of large offices, coworking spaces, and daily offices, all with pet-friendly accommodations to suit you and your furry friend. To find the right pet-friendly office for you, contact us today to learn more.

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