8 Office Amenities That Employees Really Want

With ever-expanding options when it comes to how we live and work, there’s no limit to the innovations companies are making to transform the office environment to one where employees truly want to come in. With many people now comfortable with working from home, enticing staff back into the office space requires more creativity than it did in the past, and this starts with office amenities.

Instilling a balanced workplace that is enjoyable to enter each and every day is essential, and employees are looking for these workplace amenities both in their current jobs and in their future prospects. And while we certainly don’t want the amenities to distract from work, there are some wonderful additions that can be made to create a focus-driven, yet enjoyable environment.

To boost your employee office attendance and enhance company culture, we are sharing the top office amenities ideas to instill in your workplace to create a more relaxed, inviting environment.

How Have Offices Changed Since the COVID-19 Pandemic?

How have offices really changed since the pandemic? There are so many changes, it’s almost easier to tackle how they haven’t changed, but let’s give it a try.

When the pandemic first started, employees across the world were sent home to do their jobs from their own spaces. And now that we’ve embraced the challenge, as many as 87% of remote workers say it’s “easy” to live this WFH lifestyle. So, instead of having to work from home, employees are choosing to do so.

As many employees work from home full-time, some have opted for a hybrid model, or work for a company that has instilled that expectation. These workers have different preferences from full-time in-office workers as they look to escape their homes and the distractions that come with them. With this, those hybrid employees that come in are looking for more solo time to work hard, versus a slightly more casual mindset of a person that comes in every day.

So, what does this mean for office design and workplace amenities? These new office building amenities are now more focused on those hybrid employees, ensuring that everything they want and need to boost their productivity is available in the small and large offices. It’s about function and ease as they look to escape from their home office - and who can blame them?

What Are the Office Amenities That the Staff Really Want?

workplace amenities

With perspectives shifting in the wake of the pandemic, updating an office space to include the top workplace amenities can make a big difference when it comes to employee incentives to return to the office. And as we all seek to get as close to our old normal as possible, here are a few office amenities ideas that can help make the transition back to the office all the more beneficial.

Natural Light

One of the best things to ensure an office has is great natural light. With many employees spending at least 8 hours a day staring at a computer screen, their eyes are getting a lot of blue light time that can cause damage. To help mitigate this, filling an office with as much natural light as possible is a must.

This can be done by opting for an office with an open floor plan or large windows. Additionally, workstations can be set up near the windows to help get employees closer to that much-needed natural source of light. This is wonderful for mood and energy, too.

Green Space

Similar to ensuring there is ample natural light, having open green space is wonderful for helping employees recharge between tasks. By reconnecting with nature, employees can unwind and clear their minds, helping them boost morale and re-energize to take on the rest of the day.

This is especially vital in large cities where connecting with nature is a challenge, so look for office building amenities that include things like a rooftop garden, or even just add more plants into the office space itself.

Stock Water, Coffee, and Snacks

One of the big perks of working from home is that employees have everything they want on hand. So, to move back to the office, workplace amenities should include the essentials like water, coffee, and snacks.

Providing food and beverages is a simple, easy gesture that will make employees feel comfortable and taken care of, so they never lose their energy or get too hangry to complete their work well. Invest in good coffee machines and ample snacks, from sweets to veggies, to satisfy employees.

Customizable Chairs and Desks

Being comfortable is not just one of the top office amenities, but a basic human need that every office environment should fulfill. With this in mind, to prevent discomfort, offer a range of desk options and chairs, like standing desks or high-back chairs to avoid the discomfort that comes with sitting for extensive periods of time. Additionally, remind employees that they can take breaks and stretch, making them feel comfortable to get up when they need to.


office amenities

The last thing staff wants is to spend their day in a dirty environment. Not only is this unsettling, but it can distract people from their work. To avoid this, include cleaning services in the workplace amenities, including regular dusting, vacuuming, and deep cleaning of the kitchen and restroom. This will make the space more welcoming and accessible, especially after a particularly health-conscious few years.

Reck Rooms

Employees need breaks and, for this reason, incorporating game rooms or a library make for wonderful office amenities ideas. Many Americans are working more than they ever have in the past, and are in need of a little more time to unwind than in previous years.

Help facilitate this and show that your company understands this need by including rec rooms where employees can take a break, disconnect from their work, and relax. This may seem like a distraction, but it can do a lot to boost morale in the long run.

Personalized Spaces

After spending time working from home, employees are keen on customizing their workspace - an innovative new office building amenities option that can make the office all the more appealing. This kind of personalization can include everything from temperature, which allows employees to use a convenient app to adjust as needed.

Additionally, customizing noise by offering noise-canceling headphones or sound-proofed spaces can make focusing a lot more convenient. Lastly, app-controlled lighting can help ensure the ambiance is just right for those that come into the office.

Collaboration Areas

If employees are choosing to come back to the office, it’s likely to get back that face-to-face, the interactive time they used to have in old models of work. With this in mind, ensuring your workplace amenities include collaboration areas is crucial to allow employees to gather and chat, working together to create the best work. Ensure that this space is welcoming with good lighting, artwork, and plants that will help make the space comfortable and stimulate creativity.


While some employees may be hesitant to return to the office, many are looking forward to breaking from the work from home life, and much of this enthusiasm comes from the new office amenities companies are offering. To ensure your business stays on top of the trends and remains a desirable and inviting place to work, take advantage of these office amenities ideas, and ensure your staff looks forward to coming back to the office.

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