What Is Daily Office Space and Why Rent It?

What Is Daily Office Space and Why Rent It?

In our ever-evolving world, going into the office every day is no longer the norm. Instead, businesses and individuals are opting to rent an office for a day, offering a temporary, flexible option for getting out of the house and into a sleek office space.

At 620 N LaSalle, we offer daily offices for rent in Chicago to solve all those temporary workspace needs so you have a professional space to work in a cinch. Let’s break it down.

What Is Daily Office Space?

A daily office space rental is a fully furnished space, offering a professional and private office space that you can reserve. These spaces can be reserved by the hour, or for a full day, to accommodate your different work needs and plans. 

Essentially, a daily office rental is like having a part-time office - something many of us prefer after so long of working at home. These private spaces include everything you need, from a desk to a chair, a door for privacy, and all the additional amenities throughout the building. Different from the traditional office space, a daily office rental space offers freedom, so you can utilize it as your schedule dictates. 

Daily Office Space vs Traditional Office Model

The traditional office space model, typical for the late twentieth century, was all about assigned desks and personal cubicles, allowing each worker to have a dedicated space they can come to every day. Employees may move around as their position changes, but typically, were assigned to their singular space. 

This began to shift a bit in the 21st century, as hot-desking and more coworking models took prevalence, allowing for more movement in the office and communication. With hot-desking, workspaces were chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis or reserved for added convenience. This way, there was no permanent owner. 

This newer office model is similar to renting an office for a day. Like in corporate offices before the pandemic, there’s a revolving door of workers in the space, each reserving it to suit their schedules. 

Daily Office Space vs Co-working Office Model 

daily office space rental

The co-working office model, which is also known as the aforementioned hot desking idea utilized in recent years, is all about first-come, first-serve seating. This way, employees that arrive first get first dibs on spots, and can work there for the day, or as long as they need. But how is this different from when you rent an office space for a day at 620 N LaSalle? Let’s break it down. 


  • The hot desking model is based on individual desks that are set up side-by-side in open, communal rooms. 
  • Day offices, on the other hand, are enclosed spaces that create more privacy for users. 
  • Day office includes one desk and chair, four walls, and a door for privacy.


  • Hot desks are first-come-first-serve and can be used for however long they are needed. 
  • Similarly, day offices can be reserved frequently by the day or hour, essentially making it shared with multiple other remote workers. 
  • Daily office space for rent is similar to hoteling in hybrid offices, where employees would reserve a specific room. 

Types of Offices for a Day 

There are several different office space daily rental options at 620 N LaSalle. Whether you’re renting an office for a large group conference, a small team that’s looking to collaborate on a project, or as a single remote worker, we can accommodate all your daily rental office space needs. 

Single Office 

Single offices, as the name suggests, are ideal for individuals to rent a space at their convenience. These individuals, fully furnished daily office space rentals can be booked by the hour or the day, and allow access to building amenities, too. 

Private Office 

daily office rental

Slightly different from the single office, the private office space for daily rent is a small, entirely private professional space. It offers just one single chair and desk, ideal for those who need peace and quiet to take on their day’s tasks. Additionally, this room permits anywhere from one to four people to meet. 

Large Office 

Large office spaces are great for hosting larger groups in a private, professional setting. This is wonderful for a meeting, ideating, and collaborating in a professional setting, with all the bells and whistles already in place. A large daily office rental accommodates anywhere from 5 to 15 people.

Why Rent an Office for a Day?

There are a number of reasons to rent an office for a day. This is the go-to solution as work environments continue to change post-pandemic, allowing workers to get out of their home office or that busy neighborhood coffee shop, opting for a more professional, quiet, and productive space to take client calls and tackle the day’s tasks. 

Still, deciding? Here are a few additional perks of daily office space rental options. 

Professional Image 

When looking into can you rent an office for a day, one of the first benefits is the professional image it helps instill. 

When looking to impress customers or clients, and improve your productivity in a more professional space, a daily office space rental is the answer. Day offices are designed with professionalism in mind, ensuring each business has a sleek space as a backdrop. Additionally, with great natural lighting and comfortable, functional furniture, day offices help establish that professional image with your peers, without breaking the bank. 


With everything included in the office space daily rental that a professional needs for success, you can trust that the infrastructure is in place before you arrive for that day. This means less coordinating on your part, eliminating the hassle of setting up a professional space on your own. 

At 620 N LaSalle, you can count on electricity, water, gas, internet, tech support, cleaning, and WiFi services for a successful workday. Plus, with each rental, we allow access to the rest of the building amenities, which include everything from a rooftop to a gym and printer. We’ve thought of everything so that you don’t have to. 

Low Overhead 

Sometimes, it’s not just about how much work you get done, but how much you have to spend to get there. And with daily office rental space, you can spend less, while getting more. 

Our daily office space reduces your overhead costs, allowing you to focus all your energy on the work you have to do, instead of the various office-related tasks and setup. This way, you can arrive at our office spaces stress-free and ready to take on the day.


rent an office space for a day

One of the greatest perks of choosing an office space for daily rent is how flexible it is. You can make arrangements to suit your work needs, renting an office for an hour for just one important work meeting, or choosing a few days each week where you rent it for the entire work day. This way, you can come in as needed, adjusting to the fluctuations in your job. So, whenever you need a productive space, it’s at your fingertips. 


Unlike local restaurants and cafes, our office spaces are uniquely designed with your work life in mind. This means the space is not only professional but includes all the amenities needed for a successful day. 

With this convenience of the space, we additionally are located in the heart of Chicago, making it all the easier for any clients to meet you in these professional environments, without trekking far out of the city.  


In order to be productive, you need to feel comfortable, too. 

Our office spaces are equipped with all the necessary furniture, with a wonderful design so that you feel right at home. Plus, with private workspaces, you can feel safe taking all your client calls in the comfort of these separate work rooms, for a truly private day of work. 

Stress-Free Setup 

With daily office rental space options, you can stop worrying about set-up, and focus on bringing your A-game. Beyond your computer and daily essentials, each room is equipped with all the furniture, WiFi, and other utilities needed to ensure a productive work day. This way, you can get right to work, without delay. 

Business Mindset

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a team leader, or a remote worker, being taken seriously is top-of-mind when working within your field of expertise. And while this can be hard in your personal home, working from a professional office space instantly puts you, and those on the other end of your video calls, in a business mindset. In our spaces, you can focus and improve motivation, while encompassed in a professional space that matches your energy.


Still wondering “can I rent an office for a day?”. The answer is a resounding “yes”. No matter if you are a business owner or remote worker without an office space, daily office space rental choices are a wonderful way to work from a professional space, without added hassle.

With affordable rental rates that won’t break the bank and added amenities in the building that are too hard to pass on, 620 N LaSalle offers a range of daily office rental space options to suit your needs. To book yours for a day of productivity, contact us today.

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