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10-12 people 264 ft2


Large Meeting Room 620 N LaSalle Dr

Minimum booking time: 1 hour

  • $50 if you book the room for an hour

  • $300 if you book the room for a day

About Our Large Meeting Room

Our large meeting rooms are a beautiful, professional place to host a group of 10 to 12 people. This meeting space for rent is 11’ by 24’, giving your group enough space for everything from presentations to large group collaborations, plus enough room to break off into smaller groups to discuss further.

With this large, private space, you can ensure you have a conference room for rent that is versatile enough to boost creativity, all in the heart of the city for convenient access. With modern finishes and ample light, your group will feel comfortable to ideate and listening through all the day’s presentations.

Features Of Large Meeting Room

  • Space type:

    Private Large Meeting Room

  • Size:

    11’ x 24’

  • Furnished:


  • Condition:

    New and renovated

  • Capacity:

    10-12 people

  • Amenities:

    Phone and TV for presentations

  • Minimal booking time:

    1 hour

Benefits of renting a conference room

  • Equipment: from good lighting to solid WiFi and A/V fear, plus video options and screens, you can ensure everything is ready to go for your meeting

  • Space: host clients in a central location that provides more privacy and a professional setting

  • Expert Services: specifically designed for hosting conferences and meetings

  • Privacy: helps you conduct business in a way that makes everyone feel more comfortable in a confidential meeting space

  • Location: helps alleviate the travel burden for better client relations

  • Aesthetics: evoke the professionalism you’re looking for, without infringing on the usual office environment

Other meeting rooms in this building


Large Meeting Room

10-12 people 264 ft2

This private meeting room rental in Chicago is a professional room to host clients and staff.

Starting from $50/hour

  • *$300 if you book the room for a day


Medium Meeting Room

8-10 people 253 ft2

This medium meeting room in Chicago is ideal for client meetings and executive conferences.

Starting from $40/hour

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Small Meeting Room

6-8 people 176 ft2

Our small conference room space in Chicago is a perfect space for meetings with 6 to 8 people.

Starting from $30/hour

  • *$250 if you book the room for a day

Property Amenities

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Our meeting rooms are ideal spaces for elevating your business. To rent a conference room at 620 N LaSalle, contact us today, or schedule a tour online to check out the space in advance.

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620 N La Salle is easily accessible via major roads. It’s equidistant from Interstate 290 and Highway 41, and just a 30-minute car ride from Interstate 55.

How to get to us

  • 159 Bus Stop

    Directly at 620 N LaSalle's Main Entrance

  • O'Hare International Airport

    25 Minute Drive

  • Grand Station

    7 Minute Walk (Red Line Access)

  • Midway International Airport

    30 Minute Drive

  • Merchandise Mart Station

    7 Minute Walk (Brown and Purple Line Access)

Places Nearby

  • Edle’s All Day Cafe & Bar

    4 minutes by walk

  • Jewel-Osco

    6 minutes by walk

  • The Diver

    2 minutes by walk

  • Target

    1 minute by walk

  • Starbucks

    1 minute by walk

  • Riverwalk

    14 minutes by walk

  • McDonald's

    2 minutes by walk

  • CVS

    3 minutes by walk

  • Avec

    1 minute by walk

Clients reviews

Client’s Reviews

This meeting space was just what I needed for my client meetings. It had a great long table for our meeting, and the necessary screens and internet hookups to have those that are remote call in. I will definitely use it again.

Client’s Reviews img 1

I’ve been conducting business from home, but wanted to bring my team in for a meeting on the year ahead, and I’m glad I found this space. The conference room I rented had everything we needed, and the building had a lot of extra amenities the team loved.

Client’s Reviews img 1

This space is just what I needed. It made hosting clients easy with all the necessary elements already in place. Plus, it had very professional energy that was perfect for those that we were hosting. Definitely recommend.

Client’s Reviews img 1

I’ve been looking for an affordable meeting room to rent for a while, and I’m so glad I came across this one. It has an hourly rate that was perfect for my budget, plus the added building amenities made it well worth the cost.

Client’s Reviews img 1

These meeting spaces have just what I need for my client meetings. With the necessary technology and a comfortable, private room, I can easily conduct business here. I love that you can rent it for a full day, too. It’s great.

Client’s Reviews img 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we change the layout of the conference room to fit our needs?


Our rooms are customizable and come equipped with a long table and enough chairs to suit a group meeting. If you would like to adjust the setup, you can consult with our team in advance, and we will help provide any additional needs or adjustments to help your meeting go off without a hitch.

What is your meeting room cancellation policy?


You may cancel your meeting room booking for free as long as it is canceled within two hours of booking the space, or more than 20 days from the reservation. If your cancellation does not fall within these guidelines, you are subject to a fine, which will result in a cost that depends on the proximity to the reservation.

Do you offer drinks or catering?


We are here to make your meeting a success, and on request, can ensure food and drinks are provided. Our on-site team can additionally arrange any catering at your request, but please let us know of this need at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

 Still have questions? Contact us to rent your meeting space at the heart of Chicago

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