What Is Office Hoteling and Why Your Company Needs It

Ever heard of “office hoteling”?

As workplaces continue to adapt and offer more flexible options, office space hoteling has gained traction in our post-pandemic work routines. Similar to the concept of a hotel stay, a hoteling desk offers the desk space workers need, without having to commit to a home base. This will include all the office essentials workers need, without the nameplate or designated spot old office models included.

So, what is hoteling office space, and what are the benefits of this growing office model? To help you understand this option and how to integrate it into a workplace, 620 N Lasalle are sharing the perks of a hoteling workspace and how it acts as the perfect alternative to traditional desk arrangements.

What Is Hoteling Office Space vs a Hot Desk?

Let’s start by clarifying any confusion when it comes to workspace hoteling vs hot desks. These two terms can often be used interchangeably, however, there is a difference between the two work options.

A hoteling desk involves the process of booking and checking in to access the space, as you would in a typical hotel experience. To access a spot, even if a room is full of empty desks, a person must check in to find the one that is right for them.

On the other hand, a hot desk offers a little more freedom. With this option, desks are unassigned and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Anyone is welcome, but without reservations, there's no guarantee you will get a spot. This will just depend on the capacity and availability at the moment.

While the two options are clearly similar, it comes down to clear access and control of the environment. By opting for workspace hoteling, you can ensure that your desk is reserved, while a hot desk will provide the same space as it’s available.

Office Hoteling Benefits

hoteling workspace

Now that we know the answer to “what is office hoteling?”, it’s time to dive into the benefits. Hoteling spaces offer a number of benefits to both companies and their employees, helping promote everything from collaboration and productivity to reducing costs for the office itself.

To help you better understand if hoteling out work is right for you, here are the benefits of hoteling coworking space.

Reduces Costs Per Square Foot

A big benefit of a hoteling workplace is that it offers big saving potential when it comes to real estate costs. Due to the fact that individuals are not tied to a specific space and don’t have to be in for a full workday, offices can actually increase the number of people that cycle through their space, allowing for more payments to be made to use the space than in a standard office.

Improved Resources

Since a hoteling model office doesn’t require that everyone comes in every day to work, resources are abundant. As many opt to work from home, or at least do so part-time, desks, rooms, and equipment are readily available to those that actually do come in, removing that common wait time we used to have in bustling offices.

Boosted Productivity and Collaboration

With hoteling spaces, collaboration flourishes. Hoteling model office options tend to offer not only desk space, but conference rooms and workstations that allow groups and teams to more easily collaborate and converse, ultimately boosting productivity as they can gather in one space and quickly bounce ideas off one another and answer questions. This will not only encourage productivity but innovation, too.

Seamless Visitor Management

Typically, hoteling workspace options offer clean, organized technology that helps book and track attendance, which comes in handy when guests, consultants, and clients come to visit. With this system, spaces can be booked in advance to ensure there is room for visitors in the office, making their office visit much easier.

Insight into Space Availability

hoteling desk

Due to the technology used in office space hoteling, those that use these spaces can actually check out the occupancy and density of the location they are hoping to visit in advance. This can help them plan their visit accordingly, stopping in when spaces are free and opting to stay home on days where it is particularly busy.

Agile Workforce

With many people working side jobs or contracting work on top of their primary job, an office hoteling system can help create a more agile, flexible work environment. As many businesses experience fluctuations in the workforce, office hoteling can ensure they have a space to collaborate with some features, no matter how many people are meeting at the time.

Consistency Across Offices

With large companies that have offices and bases across the country, office hoteling is a wonderful alternative that allows employees to work from anywhere their company’s satellite offices are. This way, employees have the resources they need, without being stuck in just one city to get them. This is wonderful for employees that travel for work, allowing them to find the comfort of their office and be productive, no matter how far from home they may be


Growing and expanding your business in the wake of the pandemic is essential, and adjusting to the workforce’s desires and needs is a must, and office space hoteling is one key way to do this. By future-proofing your business with flexible, rentable hoteling workspace options, you can ensure that employees have the freedom and space they need to create and innovate to the best of their abilities. And with a number of benefits of this office model, workspace hoteling is only expected to flourish.

For the best hotelling model office options in the Chicagoland area, 620 N Lasalle knows how it’s done. With a number of different office models to suit the needs of different companies and individuals, the right workspace for your business is within reach. For help finding your new space, contact us today at 312-800-1997 or

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