7 Ways to Maintain Privacy in an Open Office Space

If you’ve noticed the changing trends in office environments, you’ve surely picked up that open office spaces are becoming the top design choice for businesses today. By eliminating cubicles, open offices help facilitate a more open, communal, and collaborative environment that’s more transparent for the current worker today. And while this is a big perk to many workers, it doesn’t come without its considerations, especially when related to privacy in an open-plan office.

When looking to rent an open coworking space, there are some ways in which you can instill a sense of open office privacy, while still maintaining that collaborative environment. To help you get the perfect balance in your office space, 620 N LaSalle are sharing just how to create privacy in an open-plan office for a forward-thinking design.

1. Maintain Individual Spaces

One of the best open office privacy solutions is to maintain some individual workspaces. In many open-space offices, shared desks and tables are commonly relied upon, but giving employees some ownership of their space can help them feel more comfortable and more organized, too. Whether you offer a dedicated desk, locker system, private drawers, or dedicated standing desks, these individual solutions can help employees adjust to the open floor plan.

There are other perks to giving workers some dedicated space, beyond privacy. This can also help keep their station adjusted to their preferences, with the right chair and all the necessary computer accessories for their workday. This way, they can work seamlessly in an environment that’s suited for them.

2. Offer Alternative Workspaces

privacy in an open plan office

Another way to add open office desk privacy is by offering alternative workspaces. Some workers may have a harder time being productive and focused in an open space, but installing small “work pods” can help people focus in a designated space. This can also be done with conference rooms, where staff can go when they need a bit more quiet time.

At 620 N LaSalle, we also offer single office spaces for super productive days - another ideal solution to creating privacy in an open office space. This will be great for those on frequent calls who don’t need clients hearing the commotion of a bustling office behind them.

3. Use Desk Dividers

open office desk privacy

When it comes to creating a bit of privacy in open-plan offices, desk dividers are one of your quickest solutions. By adding dividers to desks, you can help eliminate distractions and create a sense of privacy, even in this shared workspace. This way, workers can establish a physical barrier between two workstations for better productivity if they can become easily distracted.

And in these times, dividers can also help prevent the spread of cold and flu viruses by creating a bit of a barrier between each worker. This way, their random sneezes won’t affect those around them as much, reducing the risk of spreading germs across the office space.

4. Install Privacy Filters for Computer Monitors

In an open office environment, pretty much everyone can see your computer screen at any moment, which can feel a bit intrusive at times. To boost open plan office privacy, we can utilize privacy filters on computer screens to mitigate this issue. These thin, flat pieces of light-filtering material help ensure a monitor cannot be seen at certain angles, allowing employees to concentrate on their work without others looking over their shoulders.

5. Decorate Your Space with Plants

how to create privacy in an open plan office

Another tip for how to create privacy in open office spaces is to add plants to the decor. This is a creative way to add some privacy, as larger plants can serve as visual barriers, ensuring you get just a bit more seclusion in the open office.

Beyond creating some privacy, it has been found in numerous studies that exposure to plants can also improve productivity and happiness. Plus, they have air-filtering properties as well, making them a privacy-boosting, and health-promoting addition to your space.

6. Space Out Workstations

With an open floor plan, it can be easy to make the space feel cluttered with too many workstations in close proximity to one another. This can strip away privacy as workers do their daily tasks so close to one another. In fact, many offices don’t fully utilize their open space to the best of their ability, but placing desks a few feet further apart can tackle the issue. Simply spacing workstations a bit further can do a lot to utilize your new office and create privacy in open plan office environments.

7. Upgrade to Larger Office Chairs

open office privacy solutions

With everyone's comfort in mind, switching to larger office chairs can also provide a bit more privacy in open spaces. With this solution, workers can sit more comfortably at their station in a larger chair that immediately gives them a bit more room. Due to their size, larger chairs push workers to sit slightly more apart, creating a bit more open office privacy.

And with the benefits of workers in mind, these large chairs are much more comfortable, too, providing more support for their backs as they spend hours hovering over their keyboards. With this big, comfy design, large office chairs can alleviate back pain and help keep staff energized throughout the day.


While there are a lot of benefits to forgoing the old cubicle-style office in favor of an open floor plan, for the comfort of your staff, it’s important to figure out how to create privacy in an open plan office. By installing some open office desk privacy, you can help workers feel more comfortable, ensuring they look forward to coming in every day to collaborate with coworkers, while still maintaining a bit of privacy.

For help exploring the coworking spaces at 620 N LaSalle, as well as our innovative open plan office privacy solutions, contact us online today.

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