Unveiling the Influence of Proximity: How Amenities Shape Your Perfect Office Space

Unveiling the Influence of Proximity: How Amenities Shape Your Perfect Office Space

As many offices shift away from a 100% remote work environment, enticing employees with workplace amenities is key to making a smooth transition, but how do these office space amenities impact your office's culture?

From boosting work-life balance to fueling productivity, ensuring your new office has nearby amenities can help shape a more positive work environment. Ultimately, employee satisfaction is essential to retaining staff, and this starts with some of the best office amenities.

From how nearby amenities shape your office to the ways they empower employees, we are breaking down all the perks of choosing to rent an office near amenities in River North. Let's dive right in!

Essential Amenities Unveiled: Discovering What's Near Your Office

Essential for everyone from business owners, to small and large businesses, as well as across industries like lawyers, therapists, startups, and financial advisors, seeking the proper office space with workplace amenities is a must.

To help you zero in on office space, here are some of the workplace amenities that are most essential to a company's culture, and how they can benefit your business. Check it out!

Amenity Benefits Cost-Savings
Fitness center Promotes employee health and well-being, boosts productivity Reduced healthcare costs by 15% due to improved employee wellness
Cafeteria or food options Convenient access to meals saves time and increases productivity Estimated cost savings of $1,500 per employee annually by reducing lunchtime travel
Childcare facilities Attracts and retains working parents, increases employee loyalty Potential cost savings of $10,000 per year per employee compared to external childcare
Outdoor spaces Provides opportunities for relaxation and stress reduction, improves employee morale Reduced absenteeism by 10% due to improved mental well-being
Wellness programs Enhances employee health and engagement, reduces healthcare costs Savings of $2,000 per employee annually by preventing chronic illness
Recreational areas Promotes work-life balance, boosts employee satisfaction and retention Reduced turnover costs by 20% due to increased job satisfaction
Convenience stores It provides easy access to daily necessities, saves time, and increases productivity Estimated savings of $1,000 per employee annually by reducing off-site shopping trips
Public transportation Reduces commuting stress and environmental impact, attract eco-conscious talent Savings of $1,500 per employee annually in commuting expenses and parking fees
Shopping centers Offers convenient access to retail and services, saves time for employees Potential cost savings of $2,000 per employee annually by reducing travel time for personal errands
Entertainment venues Enhances employee morale and team-building opportunities Improved employee satisfaction resulting in increased productivity and retention

Whether you want to boost your employee's health with wellness rooms or enhance employee engagement with outdoor green spaces to help them unwind, there are many options to suit your business. By taking action to invest in these amenities, companies can improve long-term prosperity by showing workers they are invested in their happiness.

Benefits of Having Amenities in Close Proximity to Your Workplace

From offering spaces for collaboration, to proximity to restaurants and coffee shops, and even just a bit of sunlight and greenery, here are the benefits of investing in office amenities.

1. Boost Work-Life Balance: Unleash the Power of Prioritizing Personal Well-Being

office space

Office amenities can help remind employees about the importance of a work-life balance, showing that the company they work for prioritizes this need and how employees feel.

Having a work-life balance, especially in the hustle and bustle work environment, is essential to employee success. While it may seem counterintuitive to add access to amenities to boost success, in a digital age, stepping away from the desk and utilizing amenities can do a lot to improve long-term productivity and well-being.

With access to amenities, employers can show commitment to their employees' wellness. From gym access to creative spaces, managing professional responsibility and personal wellness is essential.

2. Fuel Productivity: Ignite Efficiency and Drive in Your Workplace

workplace amenities

Whether you have a small or large business, investing in amenities close to your office space can help boost productivity in your work environment.

Fueling productivity in your workspace can start within the office itself. By designing spaces that foster productivity, you can create an environment that is more productive and high-energy. This can start with everything from the office layout to the technology you offer to create a smoother work day for employees.

This can include everything from private meeting rooms to spaces for dining so employees don't have to take a long time getting food, as well as ample, comfortable furniture.

3. Enhance Employee Well-Being: Empower Your Team's Health and Happiness

No matter what industry you work in, offering spaces that help boost employees' health and happiness is one of the best long-term ways to invest in your company.

Offering office amenities that prioritize employee health and wellness will have numerous benefits, including improving satisfaction, retention, and overall performance of your workers. But where do you start? Factors as simple as natural light can help employees feel more comfortable, as well as comfortable furniture in the workspace.

To take it a step further, offering wellness programs and relaxation areas, for example, will not only allow your workers to unwind but also show that they are a priority to you, further enhancing their satisfaction.

4. Foster Collaboration: Ignite Creativity and Teamwork for Breakthrough Results

office culture

For many industries, collaboration is essential.

Whether you are in law, therapy, startups, or financial advising, creating an open space for employees to collaborate and get creative can help elevate the future of your company. To help make this type of workspace, your office design is essential. For some companies, an open floor plan is the best way to foster this kind of collaboration. In addition, meeting spaces can help a team meet and collaborate further, giving a private location for them to collaborate and bounce ideas off of one another.

A key to creating this kind of collaborative work environment is flexibility. While some workers may require a private office, this can make everyone feel separate and harder to reach. With open-concept office designs, employees can better foster relationships, allowing for more comfortable collaboration.

5. Save Time with Convenience: Streamline Operations and Optimize Efficiency

remind employees

It's all about convenience! By offering the best amenities the city has to offer, you can help further streamline your operations, allowing your staff to gain access to everything they need at the office, ensuring they can spend more time-on-task, and less time searching around the city for what they need for a productive day.

To help streamline your employee's day, prioritize an office space that is close to public transportation, near essential services, and has an efficient office layout. This can help smooth the hiccups employees may come across coming into the office, ensuring they are not only on time but have everything they need to remain focused.

6. Create a Vibrant Workplace: Infuse Energy and Excitement into Your Office

new office

Employees today are looking for more engaging work environments, especially after spending so much time in their own homes.

To better certain your staff and attract new employees, liven up your office environment. To do this, start with adding vibrant pops of color, inspiring decor, and engaging common areas that help lift the energy in the space. You'll be surprised by how much a new paint job and comfortable, vibrant decor can liven up the space, boosting creativity and enthusiasm.

7. Attract Top Talent: Magnetize the Best and Brightest to Your Organization

employee engagement

We've said it once and will say it again - employees are looking for more.

To maintain a competitive advantage over other companies and attract new talent, well-designed office space is key. No matter the industry, investing in your space and the amenities will attract clients, setting you apart from the rest with an office that truly has it all.

When designing your office and choosing amenities, be sure that they all align with your values and expectations.

8. Work and Play: Embrace a Dynamic Environment that Blends Professionalism and Fun

empower employees

It doesn't have to be all work and no play. Adding opportunities for fun and stepping away from the computer screen can do a lot to enrich your office culture.

To add a good balance of professionalism and fun, boost your office space with amenities like lounge areas, game areas, or other recreational activities. This will help employees step away from the stress of the day, whether they need a minute to cooperate, or a chance to relax after a busy phone call.

In offering these amenities, you can boost employee satisfaction, creativity, and overall well-being, showing your staff that it's about more than just getting the work done, but doing so happily.

9. Enjoy a Stress-Free Commute: Transform Daily Travel into a Calm and Easy Experience

wellness rooms

One of the biggest downsides of returning to in-office work models is the commute. For many employees, a long, cumbersome commute is hard to fathom after time spent working at home. With this in mind, companies must consider the transportation options for their staff when choosing an office location.

When choosing an office, consider options like trains, buses, and biking paths nearby to help create a stress-free commute. This will help boost employee satisfaction, ensuring their trip to work doesn't start the day on the wrong foot.

10. Nurture a Positive Company Culture: Cultivate Unity, Engagement, and Positivity within Your Organization

company's culture

Above all else, companies today can benefit from creating a more positive work environment. A bit of positivity can go a long way, not only creating a good sense of company culture, but ensuring you reduce employee turnover, boost performance, and enhance engagement.

To better foster a sense of positivity and unity, focus on amenities that promote collaboration and happiness. From spaces that allow for team bonding to wellness additions so employees know this is a priority to you, the positivity you install in your company will radiate, impacting your long-term success.

Elevate Your Workspace: Rent an Office near River North's  Major Amenities at 620 N LaSalle!

Whether you are all about choosing an office with a fitness facility or are redoing your space with more vibrant colors, ensuring your office has the amenities your staff is looking for will help further entice them to come in and work in a more productive, positive environment. And this is all possible to obtain in the heart of River North.

For a new office space with all the must-have amenities, 620 N LaSalle has options for both big and small companies. To explore our offerings and added amenities, contact us today to learn more.


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