What Equipment Should Be Included in a Modern Conference Room – Checklist

What Equipment Should Be Included in a Modern Conference Room – Checklist

Conference rooms are an essential part of any business: they’re the place where significant contracts are sealed and teams can come together to get the creative juices flowing. However, they are an often-overlooked location. A meeting room equipment checklist can help you bring you to turn the tides over.

If you are looking for all the things conference rooms in Chicago or elsewhere should include, look no further than this comprehensive conference room equipment checklist. With all the conference room essentials covered, you can feel confident that your next meeting will go smoothly and focus on the goals rather than on the logistics.

1. Whiteboard with Pens

With technology, video conferences, and virtual presentations with all the bells and whistles becoming the centerpiece of many meetings, whiteboards and pens can seem old school. Nevertheless, they are still an important part of meeting room essentials.

Most people need visual assistance to process information, and not all participants may be tech-savvy enough to handle newer technologies. Besides, reliable support like a whiteboard is always handy when ideas start fusing during a brainstorming session or if one of the presenters must spontaneously explain complex concepts. Therefore, make sure that your meeting supplies include working pens and erasers, even if you are planning to use newer presentation formats.

2. Comfortable Chairs and Tables

Conference organizers often focus on the more technical aspects. However, there is nothing more distracting than uncomfortable tables and chairs. To avoid participants squirming irrepressibly during all-day sessions rather than focusing on critical information, it would be wise to ensure that your conference room essentials include ergonomic chairs and tables. Chairs with wheels are particularly suited for conference rooms since they make changing the setup according to the needs of the moment – such as small discussion groups – a breeze.

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3. Privacy and Isolation

Conference rooms are typically the theater of confidential conversations – such as board meetings, contract negotiations, or product launch talks – that may be vital to the good functioning of the company. Therefore, your conference room essentials should include soundproofing and privacy settings. If it has many glass panels, you may want to add blinds to your conference room supplies.

4. Functioning AV Equipment

Audio, video and web conferences have become an essential part of many meetings. They are, therefore, one of the first things organizers check when looking at a meeting room equipment checklist. Teams are used to working remotely, and clients may be located in faraway destinations. Therefore, it is a good idea to select meeting spaces according to the conference room AV equipment. Large conference rooms may need specific video conferencing equipment for large rooms so all participants can be part of the presentation.

If you are using a modern meeting space, beware that it may be equipped with advanced technology that you may not be familiar with. As you go through the conference room equipment checklist, do not hesitate to ask questions if you are unsure how to use it. It is also a good idea to have one, or several organizers operate the conference room audio visual equipment before the meeting to avoid any issues.


There are many reasons why cameras should be a standard part of any meeting room equipment checklist. Many meetings include video conferences. In addition, some companies may choose to record the session for legal reasons, social media, or internal communications.

Most modern conference rooms include a camera, but it does not always mean that its location will be appropriate depending on what you are trying to achieve. When considering your conference room essentials, ensure that the camera has the proper viewing angle and modify the setup accordingly if necessary. It is a good policy to do a test run before the meeting to make sure everything is in place. You may also need to bring your own if it is not provided.

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Microphones and Speakers

There is no reason why meeting attendants – including those that are seated far away from the speakers – should be missing out on important information. Some presenters may not be loud speakers, and conference rooms are larger, but microphones and speakers are your best allies and should be near the top of the list of your meeting supplies.  

Microphones and speakers should be part of any conference room equipment checklist. They may be built in the room – in the ceiling or sound bar, for example – but you may want to bring your equipment if necessary.


Displays are essential meeting supplies since they are likely to be the first things most attendees will notice when walking into the conference room. They are your chance to make an impact and set the stage for your presentation. Those conference room essentials serve as visual support for your appearance, allow you to drive the discussion, act as company branding, and are an essential collaborative tool.

Displays have changed dramatically to evolve with technology, including video calls and the demand for more interactive features. Depending on the type of meeting you are conducting, your display needs may change, so check that the displays provided in the conference room supplies are sufficient for your reunion’s demands. For example, a single display is appropriate for a smaller meeting room, but you may need a dual or even tri display if your presentation includes screen sharing and video calls. Keep in mind that the bandwidth and the type of content shared can also impact image quality.

Control Panel

The control panel allows the users to direct the meeting room audio visual equipment and, therefore, is essential to the success of your presentation. It allows for smooth transitions and maintaining a good pace and flow throughout the event, so attendees stay engaged and the meeting runs on time. Be sure to include it in your conference room setup checklist!

Depending on the type of technology you will use during your meeting, the control panel may be physical (such as a push-button system to keep as part of your conference room supplies) or digital (like specific hardware wired to the conference room), or even an application to be installed on your tablet. Mastering the control panel is another skill organizers should master before starting the presentation.

5. High-Quality Lightning

Just like the tone of the presenter and the general flow of the lecture, lighting can have a strong influence on how attendees perceive the presentation and its content. Harsh lighting may produce an intense glare that could affect the visuals, tiring the attendants and preventing them from engaging. On the other hand, a room that is too dark may make it harder for participants who are taking part in the meeting remotely to see who is in the room.

Adding spotlights to your conference room essentials may be challenging, but checking on the lighting when running through your conference room equipment checklist and setup is a good idea.

6. Connectivity – Both Wired and Wireless Cables and Cords

Conference room supplies typically involve a significant amount of cables and cords that may be hard to make sense of. It is no news that our world is growing more and more connected, and it is apparent during meetings that may involve participants located in all four corners of the world.

Wireless connectivity may help reduce the clutter, but it is not always as reliable and stable as wired connectivity. Therefore, although you may prefer the convenience of wireless, it can be an excellent strategy to include backup cables and cords – preferably with labels – to your conference room essentials. If the setup permits, you may arrange for table inserts that can help keep the clutter to a minimum.

When going through your meeting room equipment checklists, you should check that you have the appropriate setup for each piece of equipment you may need during the presentation since cables may be misplaced between sessions.

7. Coffee Maker and Water Boiler

No conference room setup checklist would be complete without these two conference room essentials! Keep your attendees comfortable and the creative juices flowing during long work sessions with a good selection of teas, coffee, and light snacks.


Setting up a conference room for a successful meeting can be time-consuming and expensive. There are many elements to include in your meeting room equipment checklist. However, these needs may change rapidly depending on the presentation type and attendees' expectations and often calls for expensive apparatus to keep up with the technology. You may alleviate some of the behind-the-scenes work by renting a fully-equipped conference room such as 620 N LaSalle that already comes with all the conference room essentials to fit your business’ needs.

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