10 Best Office Desk Decoration Ideas

10 Best Office Desk Decoration Ideas

With so many spending the majority of their week in the office, creating a desk environment that matches their personality and feels comfortable is essential. But where do we begin? To help create the perfect desk for you, here are some office desk decoration ideas to get the wheels turning when you rent an office space.

Why Decorate Your Office Space

Okay, let’s get real - why should you spend the time on office desk decor?

Office desk decorations can help bring a touch of your personality and home to your designated office space. While a well-organized office can be great for productivity, creating a space that makes you feel your best will take your work up another notch. When you’re comfortable, you’re more productive and creative, and work desk decorations can contribute to this. And while it’s still important to keep it clean and professional, some simple enhancements can make a world of difference.

1. Go Green with Desk Plants

office desk decor ideas

The first thing when figuring out how to decorate the office desk is to add desk plants. An added dose of greenery can bring a bit of liveliness to otherwise clean, bland office spaces. Plus, plants are known to purify office air, uplift moods, and improve overall health. Now that’s what we are talking about.

2. Add More Lightning

By adding a simple desk lamp to your workspace, you can help make your desk feel warmer and alleviate your eyes from the strain of working in dim lighting. Plus, with so many designs, you can bring a unique aesthetic to your desk.

3. Choose Your Personal Office Desk Accessories

Some of the best decorating ideas for dedicated desk for the office come as accessories. This can be done with small items, such as photos that remind you of loved ones, or a trusted mug for your daily cup of joe. However, you can take it up a notch with bright accents, or functional accessories such as pencil holders and vibrant notepads to make your workspace unique.

4. Take Advantage of a Notebook

No more cluttered post-it notes on your desk, it’s time to invest in a great notebook. One of the best, simple work desk decor ideas is to buy a nice notebook to write all your to-do lists, brainstorm ideas, and take a break from screen time. This will help keep your space organized, writing all notes in one place, and can feature a fun design to show off your personality.

5. Keep It Clean, Functional, and Professional

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While we want to have fun with our work office desk decoration ideas, it’s important to maintain a clean, functional, and professional environment. With this in mind, don’t go overboard with personal items.

Additionally, be sure to keep your space free of clutter. This ensures your space looks clear and professional in case clients come through and pass your station.

6. Add a Natural Mouse Pad

When exploring office desk decor ideas, there are some functional elements to add, too. This starts with a mouse pad, and we love a natural or cork desk option to bring some natural elements to your space. This will help improve your work experience, while elevating your aesthetic, too.

7. Make It Healthy

When decorating your desk, you can keep your health and well-being in mind, too. While you can certainly do a lot to show off your personality, some small changes can benefit you from within, too. For instance, plants can have wonderful benefits for air quality, and lamps can create the perfect glow for a cozier space, all while serving as a decoration office desk solution.

8. Organize It

The organization is key to a productive, focused workday. As part of your decoration ideas for desk spaces, keep this organization in mind so you can find everything you need. One of the best ways to achieve this is with desk organizers and storage containers. This way, your actual desktop isn’t cluttered with all your papers.

9. Wrap Wires and Cables

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Every office is packed with chargers and extension cords running from every possible outlet. And while this is essential to keeping the office running, it can be quite the eyesore at your desk. To solve this, you can purchase cord wraps to keep wires in a more organized, less sloppy state, ensuring they are relatively out of eyesight and free from tangles.

10. Add a Calendar

While physical calendars have long been considered a thing of the past as we keep all of our deadlines and plans in our phone’s digital alternative, a physical calendar can make for a beautiful desk decor for office space. A DIY calendar can be a fun project and can serve as decor and practical addition to your space. It’s a win-win.

Tips for Making an Office Space More Personal

Renting the perfect office space is step one, but then, it’s time to make it your own.

To ensure your office space feels comfortable and personalized to fuel productive days at work, we recommend:

  1. Renting space with a neutral color scheme. This way, all the work desk decorations won’t clash and allow each individual to customize their space with ease.
  2. Ensure desks have comfortable chairs and ample storage space for a clean, de-cluttered environment.
  3. Include decorations. We’ve shared many office desk decor ideas, each of which can elevate the workplace to create a more productive, happy environment. This can bring a bit of each employee’s personality to the workplace while improving their productivity in a comfortable space.

For the perfect office space to decorate to your needs, 620 N LaSalle has offices to suit every company’s size and preferences. For more information on our available spaces, contact us today.

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